It’s been a long year in this country. Between politics, Christian church drama, and what seems to be a continuous downward spiral of our culture, we are witnessing some troubled times.

As a Christian man, I feel this ache in my soul every time I hear about something new in the news regarding anything Christian or church drama. It has taken a toll on my attitude and the feeling of confidence in what is supposed to be this glorious picture of the bride of Christ called the church. You could say that my heart has been, in the wise word of Marty Mcfly, heavy.

Then, something crazy and unexpected happened: God showed up in the headlines.

He saved someone who had been deemed unsavable. Someone of high recognition. Someone who this world says is of high importance. Someone famous.

Someone named Kanye West.

I know what you’re thinking. I know because I was you. I was the person saying There’s no way. I won’t believe it until I see it. He will mess up. He is just trying to sell Christian records. It must be a scam. These thoughts crossed my mind a lot, but quickly dwindled once I turned on the fruit of his conversion.

As I sat there listening to this man who once thought of himself as a god proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in beautiful song/rap/story form, emotion flooded to the surface. I don’t consider myself an emotional man, but there was something so beautiful and refreshing about a man willing to lay it all down for the gospel that a tear almost escaped my eye.

What more proof do you need than a whole album dedicated to a drastic transformation from god of self to God of the Holy Scriptures? From satisfying the desires of the flesh to the satisfying blood of a Savior?

It was just what my weary soul needed.

Just when the heaviness of life feels all-consuming, a beacon of light shines through and God receives all of the glory. Amen!

Eric Eberspacher

Eric is a husband, father to three, arborist and grain farmer in Southeast Nebraska. Eric’s passion is following Jesus and helping other men to do the same. Eric is the co-host of the Coffee at the Farmhouse Podcast with his wife, Lauren. When Eric isn’t out in the fields, he loves restoring muscle cars, watching the Huskers and Royals, and watching his favorite car shows on YouTube.