Dads, we are all witnesses. We witness greatness when we stand by the mothers of our children on the day they are born.

How do you describe those indescribable moments?

When you’re counting the minutes between your wife’s contractions.

When you frantically pack up the car once she says, “It’s time.”

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We are all witnesses.

When you’re panicking inside as nurses calmly poke and prod and ask mundane questions of your wife. I mean, come on! Where’s your sense of urgency? You may do this all day, every day, but we’re freaking out over here!

When the doctor comes in for those initial measurements and checks. “About four centimeters. Got a ways to go.” Thanks for nothin’, Doc.

When your wife squeezes your hand, as contractions get more and more intense. When the anesthesiologist determines it’s time for an epidural.

You tense up as you feel the weight of this moment and know it’s almost go-time.

When the nurses start prepping for delivery, and your once quiet and calm room transitions into a frenzy of activity.

When the doctor returns in full scrubs and says, “Time to push.”

When your wife digs deep and finds superhuman strength after going through hours of labor throughout the night and into the early morning hours.

When she pushes . . . and breathes . . . and squeezes your hand even tighter.

When the doctor says, “You’re doing great. Almost there. I see the head. Dad, do you want to take a look?” Nope. Well, maybe.  

When that final push delivers a new person into the world. The doctor hands you the scissors and invites you to cut the cord as the baby is finally placed on mom’s chest.

THAT moment. That moment you see your newborn son or daughter. All tiny and squishy.

THAT moment. When you look at your wife and marvel at what she just went through.

How do you describe what you just witnessed as a new dad? I’ve had the gift of living this moment three times.

All I can say is it’s like getting a glimpse of God.

I remember being so proud of my wife and looking at her with such awe and wonder. No father can fully understand what each mother must endure. But what you can do is be by her side for comfort and support through each miraculous moment.

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We are all witnesses.

What an amazing sight to behold.

Kyle Means

Kyle Means is the Director of Marketing for the University of Nebraska at Kearney. He enjoyed a fulfilling career in Sports & Entertainment prior to his work in higher education. Past stops include HuskerVision, Houston Rockets/Toyota Center, and the Tri-City Storm/Viaero Event Center. Kyle left the sports biz in 2014 to pursue a career more focused on marketing where he can use a combination of strategic and creative skills. Plus, he now has a few more nights and weekends to spend with his awesome family including his wife (HerViewFromHome founder) Leslie Means, their two daughters Ella and Grace and son, Keithan. Kyle still enjoys watching and playing a variety of sports. The competitive, yet unifying, nature of sports is a strangely beautiful concept that he loves. When he’s not enhancing the brand at UNK, spending time with family or watching/playing sports, Kyle can usually be found volunteering at First Lutheran Church where likes to display a strong faith and give back to the community.