She will never forget this day, Daddy.⁣

Your adventure started at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.⁣

First, she had to pick a dress.⁣

When they showed her Elsa’s winter Frozen adventure dress, she beamed.⁣

I know she felt like such a big girl.⁣

They led her back to a giant pink chair made for a queen.⁣

It was her first time getting her hair and make-up done.⁣

They painted her nails a soft sparkly white, and she said aloud, “I’m a big girl now!”⁣

The best part was yet to come.⁣

She closed her eyes and made a wish.⁣

Everyone said, “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!” and spun her around!⁣

There you were, dressed like a prince!⁣

Photo courtesy of Aliette Silva

It was the sweetest surprise for her.⁣

“Daddy, you did this for me?” ⁣

Her mama could not help it and shed a few tears.⁣

You walked her around the Magic Kingdom and made her feel so⁣ very special.⁣

I will never forget how you held her hand.⁣

Opened doors.⁣

Kissed her cheek and her hand.⁣

Things you do each day, but oh so extra on this day.⁣

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She was over the moon to hug you in front of Cinderella’s⁣ Castle.⁣

You made sure everything was perfect for your little girl.

She was treated to breakfast with the princesses, and you took her to meet the Fairy Godmother.⁣

On the Dwarf Mine Train coaster, she held up her hands, strong and unafraid.⁣

People in the park could not believe that you dressed like a prince.⁣

They called you “Daddy of the Year.⁣”

So many stopped to make a comment or take a picture.⁣

What they don’t know is that you make her feel loved every day.⁣

This day was just an extension of what you do each day for your girls.⁣

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She will never forget this day, Daddy.

Thank you for all you do.⁣

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She will never forget this day, Daddy.⁣⁣Your adventure started at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.⁣⁣First, she had to…

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