Dads are so many things, whether seen or unseen . . .

Dads are dreamers and doctors, preachers and politicians, lawyers and waiters, truck drivers and pilots, photographers and plumbers, writers and engineers, soldiers and firefighters, social workers and teachers, artists and chefs, scientists and stay-at-home parents, veterinarians, musicians, and so much more.

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And after they drive home and walk through the door . . .

Dads are dinosaurs and dragons and dance partners in dress-up clothes.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Kramm

They have tickle wars, roar like lions on all fours, then get up again to help with the chores.

Dads love their kids so much it hurts. They might even feel a twinge of jealousy when it’s mama’s arms they run to first.

Dads were once boys who had nightmares and fears. They hugged tight their mamas when they were in tears.

They copied favorite superheroes, making their capes swirl. They were young once and fell in love with a girl.

And they met these little people who changed their whole world.

Now they chase away monsters and hold their little ones tight. They whisper, “I love you” before turning out the light.

They transform boring stories with the silliest voices, teach right from wrong, and try to model good choices.

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Kramm

Dads get drained and discouraged—just like mamas, dads need rest. They need to know we see them doing their best.

They stay when it’s hard and pray when they’re weak. When they need wisdom they know Whom to seek.

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Good dads are warriors who feel all too human . . . but they get up each day to do it again.

Dads, we see you. You’re needed and loved.

You are the men who make this world a better place.

You are the heroes no one on this earth could replace.

Stephanie Kramm

Stephanie is a wife and mom of three wild, loveable little boys who spent several years ministering with her family overseas. When she's not homeschooling, sword-fighting, or playing make-believe, she enjoys learning about art, music and play therapy, and advocating for at-risk women and children. Her Master's is in counseling and she and her husband are the founders of a children's ministry in Southeast Asia.