My husband got a 35-year-old sign after his grandparents passed away.

We’ve had it for a few months but he has never plugged it in to see if it still works.

Until today.

His grandparents owned a floral shop years ago, and Jason has many fond memories of helping his Grandpa Don do flower deliveries.

Cute little Jason, my husband, got to bring the flowers up to customers—especially at nursing homes and retirement facilities.

Who could resist that adorable face?

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It was how he and his grandpa bonded. Jason recollects that his grandpa always, always made time for him.

It’s something he’s never forgotten.

Image via Melissa Neeb

Up early before everyone else, Jason always had mornings alone with his grandpa. It was the only time there weren’t 10 people in the house. In fact, he had his first-ever taste of coffee with Don. More like milk with a splash of coffee, he grins at how proud he was that his grandpa let him try it for himself.

They watched the birds together and dunked their ginger snaps in their coffee.

Sometimes Jason would even get his face “shaved” in the mornings after his grandpa got out of the shower and shaved his own face. Flipping the razor backward, slathering shaving cream on Jason’s face, they enjoyed this boyhood ritual together.

After Jason and I had kids of our own, I remember us getting ready to take them to the fair in his grandparents’ town. We were young parents with not a dime to spare.

As we got ready to go, Don slipped Jason $40.

Jason strongly protested but Don simply replied in his gentle-yet-firm tone, “Take it! Go have fun with your kids! Make some memories.”

That was Don. Willing to give you the shirt off his back or the Viagra pen in his pocket. Generous, quick with a joke, and beloved by all who knew him.

This sign, his grandparents’ sign, will be proudly displayed in our garage.

Something precious left behind for Jason to remember them by.

And it still lights up.

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