Can we take a minute to talk about the blessing of great-grandparents?

Grandparents (i.e. your own parents) spoil your kids, of course—it’s a time-honored tradition, really. The reward for surviving parenthood with your own children is spoiling your grandchildren with abandon.

All that spoiling prompts the inevitable wondering, “Where were these people when they were raising me?!”

Your parents limited television and junk food. They enforced rules and consequences. Who are these pod-people who’ve invaded your parents’ bodies and are now spoiling the living daylights out of your children?

This question doesn’t exist where great-grandparents are concerned.

You know exactly who these spoiling people are because your grandparents did the same thing for you.

You remember the treats, the gifts, and the undivided attention they lavished on you when you were younger and it is an indescribable joy to see that bond developing between them and your own children.

My parents are amazing, but sometimes when they show the kids another cartoon or give them “just one (not really) more cookie,” part of me wants to yell, “OK, that’s enough!”

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Not so with great-grandparents.

When my grandfather “sneaks” my son that one-millionth potato chip, all it does is make me smile.

When my grandmother asks if she can make ice cream cones for my kids after they have already had a muffin, cake, juice, and candy, I wouldn’t even consider saying no.

Your grandparents have always known the best way to spoil you, and that hasn’t changed. Now that you are a parent yourself, the best way to show you love is to love your kids. Like they have your entire lives, they cut no corners in doing so.

My grandparents have walked the yard in the winter cold so my boys could hunt for pine cones. They have played rousing games of catch in the middle of their kitchen, with zero concern for what the kids might break. They have played countless games of War with my oldest, and, unlike me, they do not manipulate the cards to make the game end faster.

I think we savor great-grandparents a little more because we know these days won’t last forever.

You really want to soak it all in while you have the chance.

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To my beloved grandparents, and to all of the wonderful great-grandparents out there: We take such delight in you. Thank you for loving us so well for all these years.

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Can we take a minute to talk about the blessing of great-grandparents?Grandparents (ie your own parents) spoil your…

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