To the women who put in the long hours with kids in the house and in the pickups making parts runs, suppers and snacks, keeping things in check when their farmers get tunnel vision on the harvest at hand.

To the women who do bedtime by themselves because their husbands don’t come in until well after dark.

To the women who pray by our sides to be spared Mother Nature’s wrath (just a few more hours and this field will be done).

To the women who lovingly ask, ”How was your day?” and mean it.

To the women who are frustrated that they don’t help enough on the place, but are actually pulling the biggest load of being the glue for a family.

To the women who end every conversation with “I LOVE YOU” even when they probably don’t feel like it.

To the women who are strong enough to walk beside us.

Thank you for your sacrifice and love.

It is not unnoticed or taken for granted.

Matthew Gasseling

Matthew is the third generation to raise crops, cattle, and kids on his farm in western Nebraska. His wife and three kids keep him busy, along with his “town job” as an agronomist. Anyone who knows Matt knows that his faith, his family, and his farm are his everything. He loves taking care of the land and animals he is entrusted with. If he ever had any free time, he would run, watch the Huskers play, or work on his honey-do list for his wife—as it turns out, old farmhouses need a lot of work