Let me tell you a little about what a good woman looks like.

She’s not wearing a bikini or in some magazine.

She has circles under her eyes from a lack of sleep.

She has her hair pulled up out of reach from toddlers.

She has food on her shirt from feeding little people at work.

She has her fingernails clipped to keep from scratching babies.

She has dry skin because she rubs lotion on her little ones and forgets herself.

She has blisters on her feet because she spends 14 hours a day on them chasing kids at work and again at home.

She has a lap full of other people’s problems and a heart full of solutions to offer them.

She is beaten down, exhausted, drained, and yet still has a smile on her face. She is a mother, a teacher, and a wife, and . . .

She is beautiful.

That’s what a real woman looks like, folks.

Originally published on the author’s Facebook page

S.H. Capps

Texas dad and husband, failing every day to make tomorrow better for her and our sons!