Things to remember:

1. There are times you must consciously remember to breathe.

2. Remember how important “please” and “thank you” are.

3. Take a moment to remember what you are truly wanting for yourself.

4. Not everyone will see things your way—remember, that is OK.

5. You only have so much energy—remember to prioritize how you spend it.

6. Remember when you decided to stand up for yourself? Do it again.

7. If you remember your why, what you must do becomes apparent.

8. Wherever you are, remember to be there.

9. People will attempt to rain on your parade—remember, you are waterproof.

10. Others will believe what they believe about you—remember, it does not make it your truth.

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11. Remember, the path of your regret has been paved mostly by your excuses.

12. It’s simple. Remember your strength.

13. When darkness arrives, remember, no matter how deep, it cannot envelop light.

14. Even when broken, remember, a heart continues to beat.

15. Remember, you are primarily defined by the words you speak after “I am . . .”

16. Remember, somebody loves and needs you.

17. You are beautiful. Remember to view yourself only through that lens.

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Things to remember.1. There are times you must consciously remember to breathe.2. Remember how important “please”…

Posted by G Force on Sunday, August 9, 2020

Tony Garcia

Tony Garcia is the father of 4 amazing and beautiful children, a public school teacher, motivational speaker, coach, runner, CrossFit athlete, high handicap golfer, hope-filled romantic, believer in daily miracles, and dreamer. Through the teaching of his children, his 30 years as a middle-school educator, his running, and his own journey towards self-realization, he has learned many truths along the way. Tony began journaling during his attempts to qualify for the Boston Marathon, shortly after the 2013 bombings. The journaling soon became daily pieces about the struggles, triumphs, growth, and lessons learned during the pursuit of his unicorn. Those pieces have become part of his three books: "Wanna Know a Truth," "Whispers from My Heart," and his soon to be released, "Secrets, Truths, & Whispers."