What do you do on Sundays in the fall? For me, this has always been a time to retreat to my television and watch hours of football.

I don’t just mean casually watching, either. The preparation started on Saturday. Shopping for veggies. Prepping BBQ chicken. Icing down drinks. Passing the coleslaw. This was serious business. Sometimes Sundays were spent with friends. Most times they were spent alone at home.

One thing was always the same though: Sundays were all about football.

Until they weren’t.

After more than 40 years, now all of my Sundays are about two things: God and family.

There’s still plenty of prep to be done. But now instead of shopping for veggies, we shop for Veggie Straws. Instead of prepping BBQ chicken, we prepare for church. There’s no more icing down cold drinks unless they’re served in sippy cups. And we’re not passing the coleslaw most days, but we always pass the collection plate.

No, Sundays are no longer about touchdowns, first downs, or field goals—now they’re spent praising, worshipping, and giving thanks.

As my wife and I pick up our kids from Sunday school after service, it doesn’t even dawn on me that kickoff is less than an hour away. As we sing worship music in the car on our way home, the last thing I am thinking about is who’s starting for a fantasy football team this week. As we tuck our angels into bed at night, I am clueless as to who’s undefeated or winless on the season. None of that matters anymore.

Now I am blessed with the love of Christ, an amazing wife, and two beautiful young ladies.

Besides, there’s always Sportcenter.

Stephen Sanders

I am an almost 42-year-old newlywed husband with two precious girls and another baby on the way. I have always had hobbies that dabbled in the arts. Painting, sketching, writing, and other fun things working with my hands. Doing this full time would be incredible.