I’ll admit, there aren’t many sounds that could rouse me from a dead sleep or pull me away from a heated game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but the theme song for ESPN’s Monday Night Football is definitely one of them.

Apparently I’m not the only one.

A hilarious trend going around TikTok features women pranking their partners by playing the opening chords of the iconic theme song and filming the reactions. Then someone had the genius idea of compiling the clips into one longer, extra funny video montage.

The caption in one of the clips reads, “They say if you put this song on, your husband will come running.”

See the video here.

Sure enough, every single one of the guys falls for it, drawn like a moth to a flame.

The reactions are pretty great, and part of the humor is in watching their cycle of emotions, from pure elation as they initially recognize the melody, to confusion as they try to figure out where it’s coming from, to disappointment that it’s all just a light-hearted prank.

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Soooo . . . call us gullible.

But can you really blame us?

After an especially rough season without sports which made the spring and summer seem to drag on eternally, we’ve all been craving some sense of normalcy in our lives.

Not to mention the song, which features Johnny Pearson’s “Heavy Action” and has been the theme for Monday Night Football since 1989, is one of the most widely and easily recognized in television history.

I mean, how could you NOT get pumped up after listening to those iconic opening chords?

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Anyway, I’m just glad that starting tonight, the pranking can officially end.

Cue my best Hank Williams Jr. voice:


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