We’ve always known there’s something magical about grandpas.

Sure, sometimes they aren’t the most cuddly or sweet, but they will move mountains for the ones they love.

One thing is for sure—you’ll never doubt how much they care.

This was abundantly clear in a series of videos that 2nd-grade teacher Haley Gamez recently posted of her 89-year-old grandpa running beside her car as she pulls away from what appears to be her grandparents’ home.

The caption reads, “Grandpa runs to say goodbye to his granddaughter every time she leaves.”

I’m not sure whether it’s the way he pumps his arms so enthusiastically as he jogs along, or the small wave and smile he gives at the end, but I’d challenge anyone not to tear up after watching this.

In the last clip, the caption explains that her father is helping her grandfather run in the dark.

If that isn’t true dedication, I don’t know what is.

The fact remains—grandpas are some of life’s greatest treasures.

As if there were ever a doubt.

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Emily Solberg

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