It’s safe to say that most 14-year-olds would be absolutely mortified to catch their parents out dancing in public . . . but not Aiden Yielding.

The teenager from Fort Worth, Texas has been receiving treatments for leukemia at Cook Children’s Medical Center since earlier this year, but due to COVID-19 protocols, only one parent has been allowed to be with him during chemotherapy sessions.

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His mom, Lori, works at the hospital, so she was the clear choice to accompany him.

Nevertheless, his dad, Chuck, was determined to find a way to be with his son even if he couldn’t be in the room physically.

Now every Tuesday when Aiden is inside getting chemo, Chuck is outside in the hospital parking lot looking for the nearest window to send his son some positive vibes and encouragement through dancing.

He wears earbuds so they can communicate with each other, and during breaks in treatment, Aiden often dances along when he’s feeling up to it.

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In the video, Chuck is pretty unmistakable in a pair of bright orange flame pants that perfectly match his neon sneakers and undershirt.

But there isn’t even a hint of embarrassment on Aiden’s face as he gladly performs a request to “do the sprinkler” and mirrors his dad’s awesome moves from afar.

Lori says the weekly dancing has forged a special bond between father and son. “Family is everything, togetherness is everything, but even when you can’t be together as a whole family as a unit you find ways that you can,” she said.

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