One thing my 6-year-old daughter has taught me about life is that you can be friends with absolutely anybody. Life is easy for no one, but it’s at least palatable when you have someone with whom to share your daily triumphs and struggles.

It doesn’t matter if it’s another person in the check-out line and a fleeting I know, right? glance suggesting you both acknowledge the obnoxious irritability of your cashier, or a single like on the Facebook post you thought was hilarious but no one except your one daily battle buddy gave an empathetic acknowledgment of approval to.

Or, take for example you spill a glass of water at a restaurant and someone comes to help you clean it up. It would certainly elicit an obligatory thank you, and then you’d carry on with your day.

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Sure, you have your go-to friends or your spouse or your dog to help with the usual daily wars in which you fight. They’ll see your wounds at the end of a tough day, help patch them and watch as they turn to scars, and stay with you through every part of that healing process.

But in all truth, it’s the daily minuscule battles for which you need that solitary two-second friend.

Those are the ones that get you through the day to the real problem-healers.

You and your two-second friend share that one moment in the whole of each of your lives and then both move on without even knowing the other person’s name. You’ll probably never even think of them again. But you needed them, right then at that minute. And they needed you, too.

You’re a Trump supporter? Great. No? Fine.

I don’t care.

As a two-second friend, I’m perfectly OK accepting that you’re entitled to your opinion about whatever you want.

Love whom you choose. Wear whatever you feel is appropriate for you. White socks with black shoes? An oily comb-over? Sure, you do you.

I won’t pretend to understand whatever makes you happy, and sure, I almost certainly have my own feelings on it, but neither of us (nor the rest of the world) needs to know what those are.

If the way you live your life makes you happy at this one chance at a life that you’ll ever get, then by all means: live your best you. I don’t need to know anything about you except that you were there for me at that single tiny period of my day, in my life, right at the exact time I needed someone.

However the incredible workings of the planet allowed our paths to cross at that exact minute in that place at that hour of that day of all the billions of days this planet has seen, and in spite of the billions of other people meandering about . . . wow.

However it came to be, I needed you and you were there. My hope is that you needed me right then, too.

I hope I did my job as well as you did.

As the saying goes: no man is poor who has friends. Life-long or two-second, it doesn’t matter.

Being there is being there.

R.B. Aubuchon

Active-duty Navy pilot of 14 years; I've had the blessing of commanding five separate military aircraft (T-34C, T-44A, P-3C, T-6A, P-8A) across seven duty stations and four full deployments that have spanned the globe. Married for almost 10 years to a beautiful and talented Her View From Home contributor; father to two beautiful and spirited girls aged 7 and (almost) 2, as well as one very spoiled and very life-enhancing Australian Shepherd mix fur-son. I believe there is much in the world that gets overlooked or becomes background noise, much of it simple gifts taken for granted, but all of it contributes to a medley that both furthers our life and enriches it. My two life mottos are: 'There are no shortcuts to any place worth going," and "Sometimes you face your fears simply because your goals demand it."