To all the men and women out there who . . .

Eat cold leftovers for lunch.

Wear hard hats and steel-toed boots all day.

Have to be gone from their family.

Work long hours outside in all weather.

Sacrifice themselves for their family.

Have a work ethic that doesn’t quit.

Work jobs they hate just to provide.

I am with you. Our jobs aren’t the cleanest, our language isn’t the purest, but we sacrifice ourselves.

We give up so much to provide. We sacrifice our bodies, our wants always come last, our time is always limited.

But we get the job done.

We are out here working for you, family. We miss you.

Factory workers, oil field, first responders, construction workers, farmers, truck drivers, railroaders, linemen, painters, welders, landscapers, etc.

Know your sacrifices are worth it.

Quentin Runion

Indiana, terrible husband, okay dad, and excellent Catan player.